200+ Best WhatsApp Status Quotes. [Best] Attitude Status for Whatsapp in English (2019)

whatsapp status quotes

WhatsApp status quotes are used the most. Iconic quotes are always remembered. Such quotes are a constant source of inspiration in our day to day lives. Life goes bland if we work stressfully without any aim. One needs to hear or inspiring quotes to get going because it is human nature.

Appreciation and Self Confidence counts in as essential parameters in leading a successful and fruitful life. Without them, we are just little robots. Quotes used in WhatsApp statuses serve different purposes depending upon the situations they were made for. When Muhammad Ali declared to the world that he is the greatest even though he still had a long way to go to achieve that status shows that he kept himself at high regard, this showed the confidence he possessed.

Heartbroken lover’s quotes reflect the importance of love. A Hustler’s quote shows his persistence through hard times and his rise to fame after a memorable journey. Another way to promote yourselves is to use your picture with a quote that is apt for the situation. Funny statuses show satire and fun in them.


People use external conditions on their WhatsApp for expressing their thoughts on various topics, locations, and circumstances. People tend to criticize individual decisions taken weirdly because they don’t want anyone to get offended. WhatsApp statuses are the best way to do that because they don’t last long. The other type of situation is going with the trend. The viral cat video you found funny but not talented enough to post it. So how to convey your likeness towards that video? WhatsApp status to the rescue. You can post as many videos as you like without worrying about the possible backlashes because it is going to stay for just 24 hours. It is trending WhatsApp statuses to have different purposes. A patriotic one shows one’s love for the country.

Pakistani terrorist’s attack on India raised the angst among the citizens. People showed support by donating money to the charity dedicated to the soldiers who died in the incident. Statuses came where people showed the transcripts of their payments and encouraged the viewers to donate too. This kind of activity helps a social cause and spreads awareness among people about different ways in which people can help out the people in trouble. Another one of trending statuses was the girl and her father lip-syncing the song Girls like you. People were so awestruck by it that it showed up in almost everyone’s situations.

Such status spread happiness among people who are having the wrong time. People now have started showcasing their talents by editing a trending a video by using their skills. This lets their contacts know that they are getting better at new skills. This could increase one’s popularity among their fellow mates. One kind of WhatsApp status is low statuses. Short WhatsApp status is an excellent way to start a conversation and to open up. A Status reflects the person’s mood.

It is the best way to know about someone’s personality. So what should we look into while choosing the best status for our profile? It should be eye-catching. People should not just look at it and ignore it without seeing. It should be visible because, in this era of technology, one demands clarity in almost everything. So one should make sure that the status they are putting should be worth someone’s time!


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