Are Online Games More Popular Than Console Games?


A popular online discussion of the moment is whether or not online games have overtaken console alternatives as the platform of choice. While the past decade has seen console gaming getting more and more realistic and increasingly social thanks to things like Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network allowing gamers to play with or against friends without having to be in the same room and playing games like PUBG Snow map and more.

In recent years, however, the Internet has developed into a much more social place – you only have to see the popularity of places like Facebook and Twitter to see just how social with millions of users on each site. This has prompted many gamers to turn their attention to the web, visiting gaming sites that are, in turn, having to develop their features and offers to entice the users to them and keep them not only entertained but coming back.
The majority of games that you can play on a console are, to an extent “multiplayer,” but this can mean just two people are playing on the connected controllers.

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Games such as those on the Wii are much more of a “multi-player” style, but you’re somewhat limited in your choice of games still, and the quality isn’t as high as games like Tomb Raider on the Xbox or FIFA football on the PlayStation. The online space, however, offers gamers much more variety regarding multiplayer action, allowing you to play against all kinds of players – novice and to expert – from all around the world, and utilizing the social experiences offered by many online gaming sites today.

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The addition of live chat features has become extremely popular, allowing gamers to talk to each other without having to close the on-screen window or having to buy expensive headsets and being embarrassed to shout out instructions in your family home in Aberdeen to people playing in Australia!

This can prove to be extremely beneficial to new gamers, who are now able to play the game and ask for advice to help them improve and understand. Online gambling has become increasingly popular the world over in the past few years but many playing a five reel slot machine game – for instance – might not know when to cut their losses or which buttons to press to help them to win, instead of pushing the wrong one at the wrong time and losing it all. Just having that online chat feature may make the difference between that gamer having a good experience on-site, and a poor one.

When you’re left to play a console game on your own, your only helpline of such is the instruction manual, which doesn’t tell you a great deal. Sure, you could head for online forums, but this cuts into your gaming time and the advice is either reliable or very unreliable depending on the sources! While playing games on your PC, sometimes you may get variance error, but you can block them as well to avoid any stoppage.

The new platforms are becoming available all the time make it much more likely that online gaming is only going to develop further still in the coming years. The recent additions of tablets and smartphones to the gaming market have enabled gamers to play whatever they like, wherever they want, whenever they like, as opposed to when they get a spare hour to sit down in front of a PC or console and playing PUBG Free Download. The graphics on online, tablet and mobile games are getting better with every release, and in the case of downloaded apps for tablets and smartphones, the regular updates mean that the games have new levels added all the time and that any bugs can be fixed. Unfortunately, console games don’t offer this feature – you pay your money, and you play the game as it is.
We’re indeed moving through a transitional era in the gaming world, and it’s looking increasingly likely that console games are going to slip down the pecking order behind the online market and then the tablet and smartphone app markets too.


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